Soviet beach ball propaganda

No one knows anything about this presumed commercial. No data. Yet, it’s a piece of art from the new Russia. Most of the actors are probably dead. I’m most moved to see actors in old silent porn movies, they could impossibly live now… I would say it’s by the Black Sea, a luxury resort by the sea where the cream of politicians and the privileged elite were enjoying caviar and sleazy KGB sex. Notice the fence in front of the sea. ”See but not touch”. Another subtle Soviet joke. The hot Ladas arriving with the chics, the sovietic low-budget solution to the Chevrolet.

And still, it’s very touching. As I said, they are all probably dead. That song, is a hypnotic mantra. I would be able to sing it anytime if an agent just whispered the Russian word for beach ball ”??????? ????????” in my ear, making my labrador anxious… The singing would then affect my neighbour who directly would shoot his wife. We don’t know why, but this was often the case with the whole inscrutable KGB concept. It’s such a masterpiece.

Pina Bausch would have loved it, if she was still around.

IDLA-flickorna be damned.



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Till vardags konstnär och grafisk illusionist på POST-ART porträtt ateljé ( och DNA-ART ( “När man minst anar det så går det som det går”. (Ingemar Johansson)

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