spiriti custodi

bunker angels
Överallt, genom alla tider och i olika förklädnader visar de sig ibland, från det gamla fallna Persiens ruiner, över Pharaos pyramider, Lazarus krypta, Hitlers bunker, Vinterkriget i Tibet, Sarajevo och nu fram till Bungenäs sönderskjutna spillror….

Back with the resistance group

Southern Uzbekistan. Back with the resistance group, rock climbing division in the mountains before the big offensive.

I was there because I was writing a book about John Huston and his family, and she figured into the story. ”Look, I never wanted to do anything, as far as motion pictures were concerned.” Then why did she? ”It’s a good living,” she shrugged, as if that was answer enough.

Equal to nothing

velocity equal to zero

For no apparent reason, but feeling out of place, he could threw himself under a couch, lay there until all blown over, then emerging completely fearless and born again … For him ”NOTHING” was an opportunity… a reset.

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