Out of the picture

Logitech Webcam Picture-7

WEBCAM POSING ANALYSIS:  As an inconvenient writer, he went in exile in the late 70’s. Now, more or less forgotten by his country, he stick firmly to his daily routines. Down at the café on the corner people always greet him a with slight bow, the eyelids slowly closing. He always orders the same, a small espresso with Sambuca. If no one is looking he chews on one of the coffee beans. His favorite sound is china on white marble.

N O T H I N G   T O   I T   P I C T U R E   S T O R Y  ..  # 3..   ..   ..

Equal to nothing

velocity equal to zero

For no apparent reason, but feeling out of place, he could threw himself under a couch, lay there until all blown over, then emerging completely fearless and born again … For him ”NOTHING” was an opportunity… a reset.

N O T H I N G   T O   I T   P I C T U R E   S T O R Y  ..  # 2  ..   ..   ..